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Committed To The Very Best Medical Care

Our team of highly trained physicians utilizes state-of-the-art facilities and techniques to restore your health and mobility. And they work in close partnership with you to ensure comfort...convenience...and excellent results.

Why do we do all this? Because there are many aspects of medical care, but being the best in one is simply not enough. You deserve more.

Maximizing comfort and convenience. Minimizing costs

Our practice philosophy is a rare blend of exceptional medical expertise and the most basic common sense: Perform surgery only when there is no viable alternative, and keep it as minimally invasive as possible.

This is the ultimate win/win for patients with the genuine potential for less discomfort, faster recovery and significant reductions in cost of care.

Treating sports injuries of all kinds for athletes at every level

Our doctors have made quite a name for themselves treating sports injuries. In fact, their patients include professional athletes and members of many local university teams. In addition to caring for these world-class athletes, they've treated thousands of area residents for sports injuries using a wide range of conservative, non-surgical and minimally invasive surgical treatments.

If you're unable to run, play sports or be active because of an injury, trust our experience and expertise to get you back to your active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Teams We Cover

Combining traditional courtesy and the latest medical advances to benefit patients and providers

The distinctions that have made our practice state-of-the-art are motivated by a turn-of-the-century philosophy: Patient care and convenience come first.

We minimize the treatment hassle patients have typically endured - the doctor at one facility, diagnostic equipment at another, physical therapy at yet another - by bringing together advanced diagnostic technology, skilled technicians, respected orthopedists and on-site facilities under one medical banner.

How do we do it?

Effective, integrated non-operative treatments are provided whenever possible.

Arthroscopic surgery, when appropriate, is performed under local, regional or general anesthesia. This prevents the risk, discomfort and extended recovery inherent with more traditional surgical techniques.

Diagnostic equipment, unparalleled in the area - including MRI and two X-ray machines - ensures accuracy and convenience.

Physical therapy is available on-site. Your surgeon rehab specialist are in close communication and you experience a smooth transition from surgery to rehab to complete recovery.

Help for work injuries and Workers' Compensation

We understand the financial toll a work-related injury can take on your livelihood and your family. So when you're hurt on the job, our medical team works hard to get you back to work sooner.

If your injury is covered by Workers' Compensation, we'll coordinate closely with your case manager to increase efficiency and smooth the process.