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Dr. Nord, Inventor of the Arthrex Penetrator and the Arthrex Birdbeak

State-of-the-art arthroscopy for knees, shoulders and more

When you've torn ligaments, tendons or cartilage in your knee, shoulder or other critical joint, trust our team of surgeons to provide unparalleled solutions. We offer an innovative arthroscopic procedure to repair rotator cuff injuries and our entire team of surgeons offers the highest expertise in arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder, knee and other joints. In fact, Dr. Nord is the inventor of the Arthrex Penetrator and the Arthrex Birdbeak - instruments used for the arthroscopic repair of rotator cuff injuries. Through this revolutionary care, your condition can be remedied in less time and with less discomfort than conventional surgery. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis and only small incisions and a short-acting anesthetic are needed.

Specialized expertise provides critical help for hand injuries

Whether you're a carpenter, a writer or a computer technician, you rely on your hands to perform countless tasks. And losing the use of one or both hands would have a drastic effect on your ability to perform even the most basic daily functions.

Fortunately, we provide advanced solutions for hand injuries of all types - from sprains and fractures to carpal tunnel syndrome. We combine specialized training with minimally invasive surgical technology. As a result, even victims of severe injuries regain complete or partial use of their hands.

Specialists in Hand Injury
Joint replacement and reconstruction

Bringing patients the "miracle" of joint replacement and reconstruction

In the past, little could be done to help people with severe arthritis and other degenerative joint conditions. But today, these problems no longer have to lead to immobility. Our specialists use the latest medical advancements and surgical techniques to replace damaged or worn joints in the hip, shoulder, knee or elbow.

The placement of an artificial joint can alleviate chronic pain, improve motion and give the patient renewed freedom.

Advanced solutions for foot and ankle problems

Foot and ankle disorders are fairly common and can be caused by many factors, including injury, overuse, heredity and diabetes.

If you have a foot or ankle injury that requires surgery, like bunions, hammertoes, a tendon injury or a fracture, we can help. Our experienced doctors provide evaluations and treatments tailored to your specific needs. They work to get you on your feet and back to work and play quickly.

Foot and Ankle Specialists
Jackson Tennesee Chiropractic Care

Innovative care for back and neck pain

SOS offers chiropractic services at our main clinic through Mike Pearson, DC. Chiropractic is a natural form of health care that uses spinal adjustments to correct spinal misalignments/restrictions and restore proper function to the nervous system, helping your body to heal naturally. This may help with pain relief and function. We have a variety of techniques that we use. We treat adults, children, weekend warriors, high school, college and pro athletes.